BHY Arquitectos Focused on Energy Efficiency for Casa Lucia

 - May 17, 2018
References: bhyarquitectos & dezeen
Argentina-based firm BHY Arquitectos focused on making smart decisions that will lead to long-term savings for this stacked home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Casa Lucia embodies a crisp and geometry-inspired exterior. The structure is situated on a waterfront site in Puertos Escobar. The location is leveled, with no immediate shelter. As a result, the summers are really hot and the winters are unforgiving.

The architectural firm implemented "several passive strategies" in the design of the stacked home to "help reduce the need for air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter." For example, the entirety of the house was painted crisp white, in order for solar energy to be reflected and redirected, while the positioning of the glazed windows was intended to optimize natural light and ventilation.

Photo Credits: Fernando Schapochnik