This Sustainable Hotel Will Use Water Turbines to Generate Electricity

 - May 10, 2018
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The Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel is an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable hotel that is designed to be able to harness the power of ocean tides to meet its energy needs.

Designed by Margot Krasojevic, who has earned a reputation for her futuristic and audacious architectural ideas, this sustainable hotel is set to be situated on the Chinese island of Hainan. The hotel would be located right on the coastline and adjacent to partially buried water turbines capable of producing electricity from the force of the tide.

What's more, any excess energy not required by the hotel would then be dispersed into the surrounding community. In doing so, the Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel takes the idea of sustainable hotels to a different level altogether by harnessing eco-friendly technology not just for its own benefit, but for the benefit of other dwellings and businesses in the area.