- Jul 1, 2018
These June 2018 drinking trends are encouraging consumers to get out and enjoy the sunshine, while staying hydrated with the latest and most innovated drink offerings.

Heidi, a British bakery was distributing royal wedding-themed lattes in light of the recent romantic affair. This topical and artful offering celebrated the country's pride while highlighting the eatery's intricate and thoughtfully made coffee.

Those looking to cool off may be drawn to more refreshing beverage offerings like Starbucks' Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies, which offer a caffeine boost to those on-the-go. This particular drink is made with almond milk and real bananas. On a similar note, Kay’s Boutique Café is offering vibrantly hued, color-changing teas, which transition from a blue to a purple colorway, right before a consumer's eyes.

From Artful Rose Lattes to Boozy Lemonade Pop-Ups: