JoeFroyo's Cold Brews Deliver Caffeine, Probiotics & Protein

 - May 11, 2018
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Most cold brew beverages are functional in the sense that they help to energize the drinker with a shot of caffeine, but JoeFroyo is setting itself apart by offering not just caffeine, but probiotics and protein too as part of its flavorful formulas.

The 100% lactose-free and gluten-free beverages are unique in that they infuse original cold brew coffee with premium drinkable yogurt that's made from Real California Milk. The high-pressured, preservative-free products are offered in three flavors—Latte, Mocha and Espresso—which all provide 15 grams of protein, an essential building block for building and repairing tissues.

As well as delivering a ready-to-drink product that puts a twist on conventional bottled coffee beverages, JoeFroyo is offering consumers a choice that provides long-lasting energy and natural health benefits.