Brooklyn Crafted Mini Ginger Beer Comes in Unique Flavors Like Earl Grey

Brooklyn Crafted Mini Ginger Beer is a range of bottled products that are offered in unique flavors like Mango, Lemon Lime and Earl Grey.

Health-conscious consumers are opting to purchase flavorful alternatives to soda and in particular, ginger is emerging as a desirable zesty and earthy flavor. As people look to purchase drinks that incorporate healthier, natural ingredients, ginger is becoming a standout ingredient for its digestive benefits and uniquely spicy taste.

These ginger-based craft beverages have the potential to satisfy a consumer's desire for an indulgent flavor experience, without leaving them feeling as if they are missing out on the qualities of their favorite soda or alcoholic drink. At the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show, Brooklyn Crafted Mini Ginger Beer was recognized as a FABI (Food and Beverage) Award winner.