- Jul 1, 2018
Maintaining a healthy relationship between body and mind is extremely important and this list of June 2018 health trends will motivate you to be proactive with regard to general well-being.

Feeling good both physically and mentally is a lengthy process that requires a well-balanced diet, exercise and other positive lifestyle choices. What goes in the body is extremely important and food producers have begun creating nutrient-rich and organic recipes to satisfy the health-conscious consumer on-the-go. Toronto's Parka Food Co., for example, is a vegan eatery that recreates food classic like burgers and sides with vegetable and high-quality ingredients.

Other businesses, like Ketel One Urban Garden Collective, are creating a pro wellness clean air bar that is filled with plants, which are recognized by NASA as the most efficient in removing air toxins.

From Health-Conscious Organic Candies to Minimalist Family Skincare: