CHIIZ's Automatic Toothbrush Quickly Cleans the Mouth in 30 Seconds

 - May 22, 2018
References: chiizat & prnewswire
Sonic toothbrushes promise to move over the surface of one's teeth at a high speed that's much faster than an ordinary electric toothbrush, but the oral care device functions in more or less the same way. CHIIZ is out to revolutionize the world of oral care with its hands-free and sonic-powered toothbrush, which boasts a U-shaped design and silicone bristles.

The unconventional shape of the automatic toothbrush is designed so that it can quickly clean the inside and outside of the teeth in the span of just about 30 seconds—to use the oral care tool, a user only needs to bite down on the apparatus.

After a rapid mouth cleaning, one may remove the unit and rinse it under water. Since the brushes are soft and anti-bacterial, they may easily be cared for, as well as replaced as needed.