These Lenses Help Wearers Distinguish Between Red & Green Hues

 - May 1, 2018
References: & newatlas
Contact lenses have long been the most popular form of eye implants for people with distance-based sight defects, but the fact of the matter is that these lenses rarely offer any help for people who suffer from color blindness, a problem which a group of researchers from the University of Birmingham are looking to solve.

These high-tech eye implants are coated in a special dye that contains a substance called rhodamine, which is capable of absorbing specific wavelengths of light between red and green, blocking them out in order to enable patients to better distinguish between different colors.

By making use of an intelligently engineered dye-coated chemical, these eye implants aim to improve the color perception of people with color blindness. While currently designed for people with color blindness across the green and red spectrum, future iterations are being planned that will also offer relief to people with blue-purple color blindness.