- May 26, 2018
The top May 2018 health ideas offer a peek into the many ways the modern-day consumer is choosing to support their overall well-being with everything from gadgets and non-toxic home products to better-for-you food and beverages.

In the past, vegan and vegetarian consumers have simply had to exclude certain kinds of food from their diet, but a rise in plant-based eating is seeing certain meat-centric foods being reclaimed by this community. Examples of this include FreshnFree’s meatless Vegetable Bolognese and Outstanding Foods' Pigless Bacon Chips.

On the theme of helping consumers reclaim their health, The Goods Mart is setting itself apart as an entirely health-focused convenience store with slushy machines that dispense kombucha and free-from grab-and-go products.

As a means of making it incredibly easy for consumers to support their bodies with optimal nutrition, enriched snacks and beverages are emerging, including everything from protein-packed macaroni and cheese dinners to elixirs enhanced with CBD and collagen.

From Collagen-Enriched Water to At-Home Healthcare Labs: