Kana's Sleeping Mask Contains CBD, Lavender and 28 Active Botanicals

 - Apr 13, 2018
References: dankgals & popsugar
The Kana Sleeping Mask is an effective CBD-infused product that hydrates, heals, and evens out the skin as its user sleeps, while soothing the skin and senses for an all around relaxing experience.

These effects come from a combination of the medicinal properties of CBD, which is celebrated for its ability to dull pain and lessen anxiety symptoms, as well as the calming lavender scent that's used in the formula. To deeply nourish the skin, the formula is also packed with a total of 28 active botanicals, which are plant-based ingredients that help to naturally heal the skin.

The Kana Sleeping Mask is currently available on DankGirls.com, a retailer that offers a number of other CBD-infused products.