Palmini's Veggie Noodles Made with Hearts of Palm are Low in Calories

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: oa-foods.myshopify & instagram
Over the past few years, consumers have become fairly familiar with spiralized veggie noodles, primarily made with zucchini—now, Palmini hopes to introduce a healthy new alternative made with the hearts of palm.

The noodles are made with the edible bulb of the palm tree, which makes the noodles about 90% water with just 15 to 20 calories and four grams of carbs per serving. As well as appealing to those who are seeking out low-calorie and low-carb alternatives to pasta, the product is also free from sugar, gluten and GMO ingredients.

Palmini's products are offered in different types like Linguine and Spaghetti, which are sold in canned packaging. To prepare, the product can be enjoyed out of the can for a crunchy "al dente" eating experience, or boiled to create a softer noodle texture.