From Millennial-Targeted Branding to Lightweight Containers

 - Jun 8, 2017
These baby food products all come in unique packaging that ether increases their ability to appeal to a specific group of consumers, or make the act of actually using them simpler.

One product's packaging that focuses on aesthetics specifically are the 'Cherub Food' jars that were created by Me + James Studio. Each of the wide glass jars comes with a minimalist label on it, which features a cartoon mouth that has a little pink tongue sticking out of it to represent the act of licking one's lips. Beneath the brand's name, the flavors within the blended baby food products are shown. Due to their simple and modern look, the Cherub Food jars are eye-catching and convey that only the most necessary ingredients are used in the formula.

Another idea that's included are the baby food freezer trays called the 'Baby Garden Glaciers,' which are perfect for parents who prefer to make their own formulas. Each of the trays boasts various bright colors, and the individual pods have plenty of space for labels as well -- which can simply be written on with a whiteboard marker. In addition, the durable design of the trays means that they'll last throughout a child's entire early development -- saving parents money and reducing waste at the same time.