The Applesauce Adventures Organic Applesauces are Ideal for All Ages

 - Apr 12, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Suitable for consumers young and old, the Applesauce Adventures Organic Applesauces come as a tasty new release from the organic baby food brand. The new applesauces come in three flavor varieties including Spiced Apple, Straight From The Apple Tree and Sweet As Apple Pie. Each one is crafted with wholesome ingredients and can be eaten straight or enjoyed in a recipe as an alternative to traditional store options.

The Applesauce Adventures Organic Applesauces are USDA Organic, cold-pressed and Non-GMO Project Verified. The perishable applesauces are crafted with a vibrant blend of apps that have been sourced from orchards in Washington State. The applesauces come packaged in a squeezable pouch, which makes them able to be eaten directly or squeezed out into a separate container.