Sprout Organic SMASH is a New Line of Kid-Friendly Pureed Snacks

Sprout Foods, Inc. recently expanded its product lineup beyond organic baby food to include a new lineup of pureed snacks called Sprout Organic SMASH. While there are a number of pureed snacks already on the market, many of these products are made with sugars, fillers and other artificial ingredients. These new snack pouches gives parents a more natural option for keeping their kids full between meals.

The new Sprout Organic SMASH lineup consists of pureed snacks made from organic, GMO-free fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The Fruit & Super Grain varieties serve as a good source of fiber while the Fruit & Veggie varieties are rich in vitamins A and C. In addition to providing kids with a burst of nutrition, the snacks are also packaged in squeezable pouches that make the pureed blends fun and easy to eat.