From AI-Assisted Racing Toys to Annual Toy-Building Promotions

 - Oct 29, 2016
Whether it is collaborating with others to complete different challenges or helping choose the features for a brand new toy, the October 2016 kids' trends reveal a major emphasis on ensuring that children pursue more immersive experiences that will provide lasting memories.

When it comes to playtime, parents are increasingly looking for products that will keep kids actively engaged, instead of letting them sit and passively absorb content. One example of this approach is the Hot Lava video game, which requires children to keep moving in order to win different challenges. Another example is Hot Wheels AI, which uses new technology to let kids build and race cars on their own virtual race tracks.

However, it is not just toys that are keeping kids active. As the October 2016 kids' trends reveal, parents are increasingly choosing immersive activities and trips that allow their children to help shape the experience. One such example is Build-A-Bear Workshop's recent promotion, which gave children an opportunity to DIY their own teddy bear.