PocketBlock Teaches Adolescents About the Details of Cryptography

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: justintroutman & arstechnica
PocketBlock is an online educational game that teaches kids ages eight and up about the basics of cryptography. Cryptography had a certain romantic allure back in World War II, when breaking the famous German 'Enigma' encryption system was one of the keys to victory, but the study of code-breaking is perhaps even more important now thanks to the wealth of digital data constantly flowing. PocketBlock makes something as abstruse as cryptography more easily digestible, increasing the potential for kids to gain an interest in the field.

The PocketBlock game is currently set up as a series of grids that allow players to convert messages into and out of coded sequences. And while real-world cryptography requires formal mathematical training, PocketBlock simplifies these high concepts, asking little more than basic arithmetic from its players.