- Aug 26, 2017
DIY bread-baking kits, at-home cold brew coffee sachets and homemade bamboo kites are among the top August 2017 DIY ideas.

In order to help consumers affordably beat the sweltering heat of summer, 7UP launched a campaign called 'Heat Hacks,' which shares numerous ways to keep soda cans cool using household items. Similarly, The Kitchn shared instructions on how consumers may build their own cost-effective floating drink cooler for the pool.

While there are many ambitious DIY projects that can be taken on from scratch, many consumers are turning to kits and products that provide a certain level of assistance in the creation process. A prime example of this is the cocktail mixers produced by Swig + Swallow, which are only half-full of liquid, leaving space for alcohol to be added for immediate enjoyment by the bottle.

From Bamboo Kite Kits to DIY Pool Coolers: