PLAATO Tracks the Beer Fermentation Process from Anywhere

 - Jul 5, 2017
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PLAATO is the latest Norwegian invention within beer brewing. This digital tool lets beer brewers monitor and analyze the ongoing fermentation process. In other words, a "digital chemical engineer" that monitors ongoing fermentation just like in an industrial brewery.

The PLAATO Airlock knows how much CO2 the fermentation has generated, and uses that data to calculate the alcohol percentage, Specific Gravity (sugar content), the fermentation activity and temperature.

PLAATO is connected to the Internet via WiFi, so data can be accessed from wherever. Never go to bed without knowing how your beer is doing and never get enough sleep, because PLAATO will notify the brewer if something is happening -- or if the beer is ready.

PLAATO beer brewing is suitable for both home brewers and microbreweries that want to understand more of the brewing process.