- Aug 27, 2017
Looking at the August 2017 mobile trends, it's clear how far technology has come — and thus how far it could still go. It's become a popular piece of generational bragging and self-parodizing to note how people now carry around in their pockets more computing power than was in all of mission control when the Apollo shuttles carried men to the moon. But technological developments are effectively ceaseless, which offers up the question of what that phrase might look like applied to today's generation in the future. People might carry around more computing power than it currently takes to runs Google's entire cloud server, or who knows what else. In either case, the August 2017 mobile trends show that mobile technology is a powerful force.

One of the most impressive recent examples of hardware is the Meizu Pro 7, which comes with a dual display. On top of the regular screen, the phone packs in even more information space with a smaller screen on the rear.

From Dual-Device Desk Chargers to Fried Chicken Smartphones: