This App Uses Feline Notifications to Help Portland Residents Avoid Tickets

Parking Kitty is an unabashedly feline-themed parking app, released by authorities in Portland, Oregon, that is designed to make it easier for city motorists to use their smartphones to handle their parking-related affairs.

Easily the most important and most hilarious feature of this app is its ability to send users "meow" notifications when their parking meter is threatening to expire on them. Once a meow is received, users can utilize Parking Kitty to extend their parking session, or can opt for the old-school method of dashing back to their cars to avoid being slapped by a fine.

Available as a free download on iTunes, this parking app takes care of the long overdue process of bringing outdated parking payment protocols into the 21st century, by allowing motorists to make use of their ubiquitous smartphones to handle their parking and save money.