The NuAns NEO Reloaded Has Hundreds of Different Design Combinations

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: & theverge
The only item that virtually everyone carries around on a daily basis is their smartphone, and the NuAns NEO Reloaded is a new device that recognizes how important that is in terms of one's personal style.

Most smartphone developers tend to emphasize software, processing power, and internal functionality. While the most popular phones do indeed come in different colors or styles, the majority of phones offer a handful of options at best — if you aren't a fan of white, black, silver, or pink, you're probably out of luck unless you opt for the NuAns NEO Reloaded. The new Japanese smartphone is still functional thanks to an Android OS, but it also offers an interchangeable design system wherein the back panels can be swapped out with hundreds of different colors and materials.

Consumers can select their perfect combination in-store when purchasing a NEO Reloaded, and that in-person experience is especially important when it comes to such a style-focused device.