This Recipe for Seitan Parmigiana Uses Only Plant-Based Ingredients

 - Jun 29, 2017
In an effort to make Italian cuisine more accessible to vegans and those with strict food allergies, One Green Planet has come up with a tasty and easy recipe for seitan parmigiana. Unlike eggplant parmigiana -- which is often cited as the vegetarian alternative to chicken parm -- this new recipe is entirely plant-based.

The seitan parmigiana recipe put a vegan twist on an Italian-American classic with all-natural ingredients. The dish itself consists of a meat-like protein called seitan, coated in a herby cornmeal crust. The crispy seitan is then topped with a savory vegetable marinade made with broccoli and carrots. To mimic the taste of parmesan cheese, the dish is finished with a sprinkling of nutritional yeast.

With a growing number of consumers switching to an entirely plant-based diet, this savory dish offers a modern take on a classic recipe.