From Floating Pop-Up Water Parks to Community Dog Cafes

 - Aug 26, 2017
Like the (apocryphal) 19th century quotation from the head of the US Patent Office about there being nothing left to invent, it always feels as though every good business idea has already been hatched, and yet the August 2017 business trends show that isn't the case. Entrepreneurs and established businesses alike are continuing to find new ways to appeal to consumers, offering them goods and services that they never even knew they would want.

Many of the new businesses from the past few months aren't necessarily offering a new product, but instead they're offering a new experience or commercial strategy surrounding traditional products. For example, 'Public Goods' sells common household items, but it packages them with minimal branding to save costs for the consumer. Further, 'Handsome Her' offers similar menu items to any other cafe, but it puts a focus on sustainability by offering emergency mugs to take to go instead of paper cups.