Boris & Horton Hosts Dogs for Coffee and Community Events

 - Jul 22, 2017
References: borisandhorton & apartmenttherapy
Surprisingly, Boris & Horton, a new dog cafe that recently opened in Manhattan's Alphabet City, is one of the first of its kind. While cat cafes have popped up in cities around the world (and other furry critter cafes have spawned here and there in kind,) Boris & Horton is one of the few dog cafes in existence.

Cat cafes are sensible because cats are relatively calm, low-key animals. Same goes for foxes, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and all the other pets that have themed cafes in their honor. Dogs have a tendency to get rowdy, though, which makes them a trickier candidate. Boris & Horton tackles the dog dilemma by keeping its coffee shop partitioned from its pet area and using soundproofing techniques to cut down on the noise from the more talkative pooches.