The 'Bagel Doughnut' Adds a Savory Twist to the Portuguese Malasada

 - Jul 19, 2017
References: bdoughnut & mashable
The Bagel Doughnut is the latest food obsession that's dividing the Internet. For those who have woken up in the morning and found themselves unable to decide between something sweet or something savory, this hybridized breakfast treat is sure to satisfy.

This treat adds a savory twist to the Portuguese malasada -- a ball of sugar covered, deep-fried dough. The Bagel Doughnut, however, invites customers to try a variety of bagel-inspired fillings, like lox, chive and bacon. Available at Virginia-based bakery 'B. Doughnut,' this best-of-both-worlds treat elevates morning routines into a unique experience.

Niche food concepts and hybridized snacks are becoming more popular with a unique demographic that forms more emotional relationships with food, and food-related experiences. Whether it be bizarre, grotesque or eccentric, unique food concepts like the Bagel Doughnut are sure to keep any foodie full.