Subway Stores Will Now Feature More Modern and Health-Focused Designs

 - Jul 18, 2017
References: globalnews & businessinsider
Subway stores will now feature a more health-focused design as the fast food giant seeks to accommodate consumers' growing desire for food chains that offer more nutritious menus.

The new subway stores have made some significant changes – the first being that stores now have a much more contemporary design, and the second being an increased emphasis on fresh foods. The former is revealed through a cleaner and simpler store layout as well as self-serve touch screen kiosks, while the latter is revealed through more visually appealing branding and displays of fresh vegetables and bread behind store counters.

These new Subway store designs signify a shift in the traditional fast food industry, as it recognizes the necessity of keeping up with the growing popularity of more nutritious, yet still affordable, fast food brands.