Google's 'Dandelion' Will Use the Earth to Heat and Cool Homes

 - Jul 10, 2017
References: & cnbc
Google's Alphabet moonshoot Factory 'X' developed a new technology that has made it possible to launch a geothermal heating start-up.

'Dandelion' will make geothermal heating systems for homes and operate as a standalone venture. Geothermal heating works by taking advantage of the fact that the ground is always around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. So instead of heating or cooling a home and working against that heat, geothermal systems harness this energy and either deposit or draw heat from the earth to maintain an even indoor temperature.

Dandelion was started based on Google's newest technology for geothermal installation. Previously, giant holes had to be dug to implant the system's ground loops (similar to digging a well). Factory X developed a much more efficient way to implant the loops so that the process can be done more quickly and be less invasive. This new geothermal heating start-up will take advantage of this new technology to heat homes in a more efficient way.