The 'Deep Blue Spirulina' by David's Tea Boasts a Brilliant Hue

 - Apr 21, 2018
References: blog.davidstea & davidstea
As part of The Splash Collection, David's Tea unveiled 'Deep Blue Spirulina' as a unique new kind of tea for consumers to enjoy in the hot weather.

At its base, the blend is a white tea that is layered with the tropical aromas and flavors of ingredients like pineapple, mango, coconut, melon and moringa. Alongside the mineral-rich blue-green algae spirulina, which is known for its deep hue, the tea blend also includes butterfly pea flowers, which also contribute a distinctive blue hue to the brewed beverage.

Knowing that many consumers will want to enjoy its new Deep Blue Spirulina in a refreshing format in the heat of the summer months, David's Tea recently shared a recipe for Deep Blue Spirulina iced tea on its blog.