The Shine App by Marah Lidey & Naomi Hirabayashi Makes Wellbeing Accessible

 - Apr 6, 2018
References: shinetext
The Shine App is the brainchild of both Marah Lidey & Naomi Hirabayashi, inspired by the support and friendship that they found in one another. The two noticed the lack of upgrades within the wellbeing industry and took matters into their own hands. The Shine App delivers a free 'Shine Text' daily, taking on a different theme per day. These themes center around self-care concepts such as dealing with a toxic friend or finding balance in one's life. The main goal is to ensure that users adopt the feeling that they are not alone, to reassure their mental wellbeing, and to consistently practice self-care.

The Shine App also includes features such as 'Meditations,' 'Shine Stories,' and 'Affirmations.' The Meditation component conducts what feels like a conversation with a friend and it includes three categories -- Quick Hitters, Categories, and 7-Day Challenges. Quick Hitters are shorter, Categories dial into specific situations, and the 7-Day Challenges focus on specific parts of growth. The Shine Stories are personal stories told by influencers, aiming to encourage a positive mindset. The Affirmations are a shorter pep talk, instilling senses of empowerment and positivity. The Shine App is supported by powerful influencers in the media, including Kristen Bell, Lilly Singh, Kelly Clarkson, and Gabrielle Union.