This Diagnostic Pen Uses Digital Imagery to Diagnose Glaucoma

 - Apr 9, 2018
References: & newatlas
A group of scientists working out of the highly prestigious Nanyang Technology University in Singapore devised a high-tech yet extraordinarily accessible diagnostic pen that is designed to make it easier than ever to go about diagnosing glaucoma without causing discomfort to the patient.

Since glaucoma is characterized by increased intra-ocular pressure, the conventional method of diagnosing it is by using a device called a gonioscope which has to be pressed against the patient's eyeball. However, the Singapore-scientists have developed a more convenient gadget, called the GonioPEN, that uses a high-resolution camera to capture highly precise photos of the patient's eyes from different angles. These images can then be analyzed by a doctor, who can use companion software to arrive at a diagnosis.

This diagnostic pen is not yet available commercially but is set to be priced at just around $5,000, making it an inexpensive and ingenious tool for every eye doctor.