INBair O2 Can Reduce Tiredness & Boost Productivity with 40% More Oxygen

 - Apr 19, 2018
References: indiegogo
Clean air company Radic8 designed the world's first design-driven oxygen purifier that delivers the diatomic gas in an elegant, phone-style headset. The INBair O2 processes the air in the consumer's immediate environment, ultimately reducing the nitrogen content. The tech innovation produces 40% oxygen at two liters per minute, while seamlessly blending in the background. As a result, the oxygen purifier can reduce the onset of tiredness and boost productivity.

The INBair O2 oxygen purifier is cost-effective and travel-friendly. Radic8's product is compatible with a 12-volt battery, as well as a DC jack. It is not only portable and functional, but the INBair O2 also boasts a very comfortable headset and a luxury brushed aluminum finish for a more refined aesthetic.