- May 27, 2018
Theme parks, laundromats, subscription services and loyalty rewards programs are just some of the May 2018 new ventures that creatively reinterpret familiar concepts.

Some of the most notable new ventures from big-name brands include the launch of a kid-friendly food network from Disney, IKEA collaborating on a series of suits featuring the same bold patterns of its bedding textiles and Starbucks launching a voice-based ordering service in Korea. Some of the other unique ideas include 'Celsious' introducing itself to the world as an eco-friendly modern laundromat and Flashfood's low-cost waste-reducing meal boxes.

Within the world of ecommerce, some of the brands that are looking to the future include Jordan Jack, which now offers an at-home wedding band try-on service, as well as Feelunique now giving consumers the chance to pre-buy highly anticipated new products before they officially hit stores.

From Eco Lifestyle Laundromats to Branded Grocer Podcasts: