Zero-Waste Restaurant Silo Wants to Turn Old Bottles into Crockery

 - Apr 30, 2018
References: crowd2fund & thedrinksbusiness
Using the site Crowd2Fund, zero-waste restaurant Silo is hoping to raise enough money to acquire equipment to repurpose wine bottles into crockery for the eatery. This initiative is being run in conjunction with potter Mark Caivol of Potters Thumb and the restaurant hopes to purchase a bottle crusher and jewelry polisher to repurpose its old bottles into something more useful. According to Silo owner and chef Doug McMaster, "this idea is the same as turning food waste into compost... this will take zero-waste to a whole new level".

The idea of turning old bottles into tableware stems from the zero-waste restaurant's commitment to upcycling and giving old material greater meaning. The zero-waste restaurant is currently offering three different investment levels for this initiative ranging from £1 to £100 and is hoping to receive £10,000 in funding. This with be the second crowdfunded project by Silo, as its first initiative allowed the zero-waste restaurant to ensure its shipping process was entirely without waste and left no carbon footprint.