'ckbk' Gives Members Access to Recipes, Cookbooks and "Playlists"

 - Apr 9, 2018
References: ckbk
'ckbk' is the name of a new subscription service that is set to launch in the spring of this year, appealing to those who love food as a Spotify-like service for cookbook and recipe discovery.

The platform provides members access to more than 100,000 digital recipes, as well as new cookbooks, techniques and personalized recommendations. Users have the option of using the basic to make the most of the free library and search tools, or alternatively invest in a premium "all-you-can-eat" membership for unlimited access to ckbk's recipes, how-to videos, shopping list tools and much more.

As a platform that is applying the Spotify model of music discovery and sharing to the world of cooking, ckbk gives its users the chance to create "playlists" of recipes to suit specific groups, occasions or moods.