- Dec 9, 2018
Whether a professional or hobbyist cook, these gifts for chefs are sure to spark some inspiration and help individuals excel in the kitchen.

A new cutting board seems like a go-to gift, however this list includes plenty of examples of this kitchen staple that are sure to impress both seasoned and amateur cooks. Examples include woodNflex's malleable cutting board, or the Food52 Five Two Double-Sided Cutting Board, which has been chef-approved.

Those looking to flaunt their creativity can be gifted a unique cookbook, which this list contains plenty of. Jenn Sandercock's Cookbook offers gamified recipes that are more engaging than most, while The Millennial Cookbook presents the consumer with a collection of meal ideas that are equal parts affordable and delicious.

No matter what the skill level of the chef, this list is sure to have innovations that will help them prepare the best food possible.

From Gamified Cookbooks to Recipe Subscription Services: