The Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer Quickly Prepares Holiday Meals

 - Nov 13, 2018
References: hammacher & geekalerts
Deep frying a turkey usually means heading outside and utilizing makeshift equipment, so the Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer has been developed to change this experience. The cooker works with a bird up to 14 pounds in weight and will prepare it in just over an hour to make it an ultra-fast way to cook without having to turn on the oven. The appliance also ensures that the turkey will be moisture and juicy on the inside with a crispy exterior to make it a must-have for family gatherings.

The Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer can also be used for deep frying any other food of your choosing, while the compact size also eliminates the need for many gallons of oil to cook the bird.