From Fridge Cameras to 90s-Inspired Mug Designs

 - Jul 1, 2018
The kitchen is a point of pride for most home owners, and this list of June 2018 kitchen ideas is full of inspiration to help one achieve their dream room.

The integration of technology has been a common theme this month as more companies are opting to update existing devices with smart technology. Examples of this include the WePlenish Java -- a device that senses when something is running low and orders more through its Amazon-connected abilities. Meanwhile, devices like the Smarter Fridge Cam can be placed inside of one's refrigerator so home owners can get a better idea of what's in their fridge, without digging through the shelves.

Low-fi innovations are also making the kitchen an easier place to be as aesthetically pleasing products, like Suck UK's volcano-inspired dipping bowl or Leah Jackson's 90s-inspired mugs can help one's interior feel like home.