Felt + Fat's Cappuccino Cups Come in Over a Dozen Designs

 - May 15, 2018
References: feltandfat
There are a couple things that make a cup hell, but you won't find those things if you go shopping for cappuccino cups at Felt + Fat, a Philidelphia-based design store. The company's cappuccino cups come in over a dozen designs, and anyone who manages to collect them all is guaranteed to be in cup heaven.

Felt + Fat offers 12 different glazes and five different clay types for its eight-ounce cappuccino mugs. The glaze options are Aqua, Blood, Blush, Canopy, Lemon, Periwinkle, Pigeon, Satin, Sky, Slate, Sun Gold, and Taupe. The clay styles are all marbled, with an attractive, fluid mix of white clay and a given color. Those marble colors include Blue Marble, Brown Marble, Grey Marble, Pink Marble, and Teal Marble.