'Hot Stuff!' is an Attractive and Easy-to-Use Cooking Tool

Meat thermometers are among the more utilitarian of kitchen utensils, but 'Hot Stuff!' from designer Alain Gilles makes the tool as attractive as it is a practical necessity. The silicone-covered thermometer has a clever user interface that helps turn anyone into a master griller.

Since the read-out on Hot Stuff! is covered in silicone, it is heat-resistant. Less experienced chefs who don't know the right time to check on their meat can thus grab the thermometer while it's in without risking any burns. Further, the marker on the thermometer points to both the temperature of the meat and a picture of the animal in question, showing the ideal temperature for whatever one's cooking.

Hot Stuff! also comes with a silicone slip to cover the thermometer's sensor when the tool is stored away.