- May 23, 2018
Coffee is held as one of the most important beverages of the day by many, and these brewing accessories will allow consumers to make the perfect cup for at-home or on-the-go. While some of the offerings are more mechanical than electronic, such as the Cafelat Robot that makes a bold espresso through a non-complicated method, others rely on more tech-friendly algorithms such as Marmik Patel's Nespresso concept — a machine that connects to a smartphone and offers personalized flavorful cups.

The brewing accessories also include innovative and art-friendly mugs and tumblers that allow caffeine-lovers to enjoy their daily dose of the hot beverage on-the-go. Finally, some brands realize the ritual of coffee drinking and develop brewing accessories, which the consumer can take to a camping trip, on the road or on vacation.

From Spring-Ready Coffee Tumblers to Car Brand Coffee Makers: