The 'Multi-ccino Mug' has Markings for Various Coffee Drinks

For some, coffee is an art, while for others its firmly within the rule-abiding, replicable realm of science, and for those in the latter camp, the Multi-ccino Mug is the perfect coffee-drinking accessory. The glass mug is covered in markings that denote the correct proportions for different types of coffee-based beverages, from espressos to caffe lattes.

Coffee connoisseurs know that their coffees are supposed to look a certain way, but when brewing at home it can be tricky to get the ratios right. How much foamed milk should one add to their macchiato? What about the amount in a cortado? The problem is only exacerbated by the opaque mugs most people use for coffee, which make it impossible to gauge how much coffee versus foam one's added. The Multi-ccino Mug is made from borosilicate glass, making it capable of withstanding the heat while also helping craft the perfect cup every time.