Iratzoki & Lizaso's Piknik Integrates a Plancha Grill into Itself

 - Aug 21, 2018
References: forgeadour & iratzoki-lizaso
Iratzoki & Lizaso elevates the traditional picnic table with its new Piknik design, infusing a Plancha grill for it to become a multifunctional piece -- designed specifically for Forge Adour. The Piknik structure's benches are constructed from metal and wood materials, allowing a space for friends and family to join the cook. The concept was to create a simplistic, yet practical way to merge a cooking and dining experience that draws in festivities.

The design team at Iratzoki & Lizaso marries the plancha grill with a bottle bin, parasol, and housing to store the gas cylinder and additional accessories. The Piknik table has different layouts that range in sizes fit for families or larger festivities. The piece is perfect for outdoor celebrations that bring together a sense of togetherness.