Shake Shack is Currently Testing Chick'n Bites in New York City

 - Sep 19, 2018
References: delish
After teasing the idea of chicken nuggets with last year's cookbook, Shake Shack has finally begun testing it's highly anticipated Chick'n Bites. A logical extension of the popular Chick'n Shack sandwich, the new bites make for a perfectly shareable side dish.

The new Chick'n Bites are bite-sized chicken nuggets available in orders of six of 10 pieces. Unlike other fast food nuggets, the chicken is prepared sous-vide style, which gives it a moist interior and an extra crispy exterior. The nuggets are also served with a side of either BBQ or Honey Mustard sauce so that you can add extra flavor to eat bite.

Currently, the Chick'n Bites are only available at Shake Shack's new Innovation Kitchen in the West Village. However, the bites are likely to come to other NYC locations this fall, so fans should keep their eyes peeled.