- Jul 1, 2018
Featured in this selection of June 2018 shoe trends are multiple options from designer sneakers and high-tech running shoes to summer-ready youth sandals and sleek dress shoes.

Designer footwear label adidas created the new ALPHAEDGE 4D sneakers, bringing forward a technologically advanced model that is constructed using a pioneering process called 'Digital Light Synthesis.' The design boasts a classic silhouette but offers revolutionary performance. Also featured is the new line of chunky sandals from Dr. Martens that were made to resemble a mix of punk-rock style and Gladiator silhouettes. The new sandals embody the latest high-fashion look popular this season -- unconventional luxury.

Footwear styles are continuously evolving and these June 2018 shoe trends highlight the best and most fashion-forward examples of the month.

From Futuristic Performance Sneakers to Punk-Inspired Sandals: