Vera De Pont's Smart Shoes are Intuitive to the Wearer's Body Data

 - May 27, 2018
References: veradepont & frameweb
The category of shoe concepts contains innovative and forward-thinking designs that increase breathability and performance by way of technology, bacteria and other innovative uses of material. Each issue of Frame challenges emerging designers in the production of a futuristic concept and this month, Vera de Pont visualizes the future of mobility.

The designer produces one of the more interesting shoe concepts, whereabouts the footwear is "a smart [printable] entity" that gathers body data over-time through pressure points and 4D body movement analysis. Vera de Pont envisions this information as "translated into a high-definition multi-material shoe." What is more, the young designer foresees environmental concerns and makes her hypothetical footwear printable on-demand. In addition, Vera highlights an incorporated magnetized coating that allows for individuals "to float around the city on magnetic superhighways."