- Feb 22, 2019
Food-inspired sneakers have taken footwear culture by storm. Many brands are turning to restaurants and edible delights for design direction and the result is quite unique and exploratory.

Some labels like Le Coq Sportif derive the colorway of the silhouette from tasty, popular Middle Eastern spreads like hummus. The aesthetic is definitely attention-captivating as it boasts some unconventional palettes. Other footwear companies take their food-inspired sneakers to a different level through collaboration. From Nike's limited edition capsule with popular green tea brand Arizona to Saucony's Dunkin' Donuts-informed Kinvara 9, the models boast recognizable nods and a co-branded aesthetic.

These instances of food-inspired sneakers are quite unique, especially in a time where consumers are beginning to collect streetwear shoes. Many of these pairs are limited edition, as well, which amps up their value.

From Sustainable Burger-Themed Sneakers to Grape-Tonal Sneaker Colorways: