The Fallout Cookbook Turns Apocalyptic Food into Culinary Treats

 - Jul 23, 2018
References: dotesports & ca.ign
The Fallout video game series has always enticed players with a living world and the upcoming Fallout Cookbook will let fans of the series taste the foods of an apocalyptic wasteland. Known officially as Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook, this book is a 192-page hardcover collection by Victoria Rosenthal. Each of the recipes featured in the book will be pulled from the video game series, albeit with actual unirradiated ingredients.

The Fallout Cookbook is sure to appeal to many fans of the series and will feature recipes for Deathclaw Omelets, Mole Rat Wonder Meat, Brahmin Fries, Baked Bloatfly as well as classic in-game items like Nuka-Cola, Simpak and Rad-Away. The book can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon and will officially release on October 23rd.