Creative Chef and Autobahn Fuse Design, Cooking and Music

The collaboration between Creative Chef (Jasper Udink Ten Cate) and design studio Autobahn presents a truly multi-disciplinary product. Debuted earlier in 2018, the creative pursuit actively brings together the art of cooking and music in a neat and accessible package.

In a sense, Creative Chef Records embraces the "joy of crate digging for vinyl" but with an interference of the culinary industry. The multi-disciplinary products are generally a collection of ceramic plates, each contained in a design-driven record sleeve. The artworks present a mandala that is created by spinning ingredients on a round turntable. The intuitive packaging boasts a QR code that leads to a song by an artist who is participating in the project, as well as a card of that individual's favorite recipe. The multi-disciplinary product is an exceptional way of reaching two communities that are held as separate.