ima is Introducing the First Plant-Based Salmon Sushi Alternative to the UK

 - May 30, 2018
References: weareima & instagram
When it comes to fish-free sushi alternatives, vegan and vegetarian consumers are often forced to settle on lackluster vegetable options that simply omit the meat. 'ima' is setting itself apart by introducing "the alternative sushi family," which is made up of entirely plant-based offerings that are both creative and highly flavorful.

'the original one' from ima takes the form of a mix of sweet chili tofu and blossom rice. 'the happy one' also features blossom rice, but with ima's interpretation of hoisin "duck." Similarly, 'the surprising one' takes the form of nigiri and maki rolls that introduce what ima calls "the first plant-based alternative to salmon sushi in the UK" that's made with carrots.

While there have been plenty of plant-based meat alternatives introduced to replace everything from chicken and beef to pork and even cooked fish, there has been limited innovation when it comes to recreating raw fish.