- Feb 25, 2018
These February 2018 luxury ideas take the notion of self-care one step further, through encouraging consumers to overindulge in the finer things life has to offer. Ranging from vegan caviar alternatives to designer-branded sporting equipment, these examples demonstrate that luxurious upgrades can impact any industry.

Fashionistas are sure to find an assortment of luxury offerings this month, as designers continue to re-invent its products to better accommodate those who live luxuriously. Gucci's new accessory line re-imagines ordinary objects like combs and headbands, with a high fashion twist offering the consumer a crystal-encrusted alternative.

Meanwhile, this list includes unique offerings for the avid traveler, as boutique hotels like The Standard are upgrading its offerings, to include personalized concierge services. Other companies, like the co-working space, Servcorp, is thanking its high-end clientele by giving members access to private jet services.

From Haute Couture Brides to Private Co-Working Jets: